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Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher training with Beta Lisboa en Sai Calder (50 hours Yoga Alliance)

Applied Myofascial Release & Yin Fascial Yoga applied to 5 Elements Qigong

This training will teach you how to effectively release physical and energetic blockages in the fascial system of the body. Traumatic imprints in the fascial system compromises the freedom of movement and expression in the physical body, stopping one to live fully in the present moment. It will give you a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques to your Yin Yoga practice and teachings.
You will also learn how to effectively incorporate the Practices of 5 Element Qigong with Yin Fascial Yoga. Looking at the structure of each of the Five elements and how and why each posture affects our system. It will give you a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of 5 Element Qigong techniques to your Yin Yoga practice and teachings, and how they perfectly flow together.
What will you learn from this training?
• Learn and practice the basic Yin Yoga postures
• Fascia anatomy, Meridians and the Organ system
• Learn and practice how to apply self Myofascial Release to poses
• Understand Fascial anatomy and physiology
• Become familiar with the fascial tissue qualities
• Become familiar with Fascia Release in Yin yoga
• Learn and experience how to track sensations in the body during the practice (Mindfulness)
• Understand the Yin Fascial Yoga concepts for a greater teaching
• The Art of teaching Yin Fascial Yoga
• How to use balls, blocks and props to release fascia in yin yoga
• How to touch to release fascia (Myofascial adjustments)
• 3 Yin Fascial Yoga sequences for the front, back and spiral Myofascial lines
• how to use Myofascial Release techniques to release fascia in the Yin yoga postures
• how to integrate Yin Yoga postures with 5 Element Qigong
• how to circulate energy through the main Meridian Channels of the Body
• Knowing and understanding the 5 Element qualities
• Directly experiencing how the Yin/Yang organ system directly affects us
• Learn and feel the qualities of Qi in the meridians
• how Yin Fascial Yoga and Qigong work together
• how to work with the Body Tissues related to each Organ.
• how to circulate energy through the main Meridian channels of the Body
• how to Boost and balance your energy with Embryonic Breathing
• Be able to Physically and energetically ground and centre your practice
• 5 Element personal assessment information
Teachers: Beta Lisboa & Simon Calder

Beta comes from a background of Yoga, Buddhist meditation, Bodywork and Trauma Release work. Simon (Sai) has been practicing and studying Qigong and Yoga for many years. Together, they have developed a complete system of Dynamic Spiral and Yin Fascial Yoga that they have been sharing and teaching in their travels around the World.
Beta’s approach is all focusing on physical and emotional trauma release, and improving long-lasting wellness for Body & Mind. She is well known for her expertise in guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes, with a unique combination of all or some elements of her training programs. Her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life changing and is suited to people who are curious and ready for transformation in their lives.
Read more about Beta
Simon’s main focus is aligned with reducing and releasing of built up residual tensions in the body, emotions, mind and spirit. To offer a framework and direction thats assists in all functions of the body mind system to stay free of further problems and to promote a simple straight forward system that can be shared by anyone to aid in the relief of suffering, allowing the inspired potential of each person to be activated and understood. To wash away the weights inflicted by life, releasing to life, to become more alive.
Date: Wednesday May 30th- Sunday June 3rd 2018
Location: M.P Lindostraat 4, Utrecht (beautiful Tai-Chi space close to the Central station). During the training we’ll serve Yogi-tea (as much as you can drink) and healthy snacks.
Price: Early bird till March 15th 2018: €679 ex VAT/ €720 inc VAT. Late bird till May 30th: €750 ex VAT/ €795 inc VAT
Registration: Sign up through the Pure Energy Yogashop, click here. ONLY if you live outside of the Netherlands you can register by sending an e-mail to info@pureenergyyoga.nl. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
AALO-students please contact esther@pureenergyyoga.nl if you want to register for this training.
This is a YACEP (Yoga alliance continuing education program) certification. Participants will receive a 50 hours Yoga alliance Certificate.
Aalo-students can use these hours to build towards the advanced 300 hour-certification! If you want to know more about this contact Esther at esther@pureenergyyoga.nl

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