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Jason Crandell-Finding comfort at your edge

On Sunday 1st of April, Pure Energy Yoga attended a workshop with Jason Crandell. The workshop was mostly about backbends. We had one back-bend lover amongst the Pure Energy Yogi’s (guess who?) but two were not big fans of backbends (and that’s an understatement), so we were really curious and a bit anxious to see what this afternoon would bring.

Jason Crandell was recently named one of the next generation of teachers shaping yoga’s future by Yoga Journal for his skillful, unique approach to vinyasa yoga.

During the workshop that focused on finding ease in challenging asana’s such as backbends, splits and lotus-posture, Jason offered an energizing sequence with intelligent sequencing and humor. He emphasized that our edge is the balance between relaxation and effort, “Integrity and stability are more important than range”. He focused on the art of slowing down and moving mindfully in and out of a pose. He offered some nice insights about entering backbends and arm-balances. The class had many asana’s in it but it never felt rushed. We all (!) left his workshop feeling energized, relaxed and with a new appreciation and love for these intense postures.
“Anything that is difficult for you will work better when you relax”.
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